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The Tipster app has been built by a third-party provider for Tipster Ltd (“Tipster”) and relies on an external payment service provider. Users accept that Tipster Ltd shall have no liability in connection with the Tipster app.


The use and utilisation of the Tipster app is subject to users accepting that Tipster shall not be held liable in relation to any loss sustained by users as a result of using the Tipster app. By registering their account users also explicitly agree to Stripe’s services agreement and the Stripe connected account agreement.


Users agree to only use the service provided by the Tipster app using payment cards in their own name and for the purpose of providing or receiving tips where this is customary and does not constitute criminal or illicit activity.


Tipster reserves the right to block, deactivate or place on hold any account where it suspects any wrongdoings.


Tipster will not be responsible for any data breach and for losses caused to users as a consequence thereof.


Tipster reserves the right to stop the application from being available at any time.


Tipster provides no legal advice and users and restaurant managers remain fully responsible for income taxes, VAT, National Insurance Contributions and any other taxes which may arise as a result of using Tipster.


Tipster reserves the right to amend these terms in the future. 

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