Introducing Tipster - 

the easy way to pay tips

With Tipster, customers decide:

  • if they pay (tips are discretionary, after all...)

  • who they pay

  • how much they pay

Tips are transferred via the app directly to the desired person, using only a four-digit code

More money, less problems, you might say!

How to increase your tips at work...

Download the app

Receive a pack in the post including cards for customers and a badge with your unique code

Share your code

with customers to 

receive tips directly through the app, without management taking a cut

Earn rewards by referring friends and colleagues

How to tip for great service without cash...

Download the app

Type in the unique four digit code of the person you want to tip

Specify the amount you wish to tip and confirm

Reward great service and make their day!

How to improve your business...

Attract and retain

motivated and

happy staff

Save up to 13.8% NIC on tips paid via cards

Deliver a first class service every day, for both your customers and employees

Wave goodbye to the hassle of admin